Proof of value

A collaborative approach for success.
The proof of our value relies on diverse experts’ input for taking on every challenge.


Q-Hausse is a blockchain-leveraged real estate ecosystem. It enables the investment of real estate assets in a fully-compliant, fractional & tokenized way.


GToken is the first polo horse-backed token & its tokenized ecosystem. A unique token represents tangible and physical assets protected by a Blockchain set and run by reliable smart contracts.

FAN Access Network

FAN proposes to relocate the artists and their value chain at the center of the business, facilitating the development of related communities, thus creating an ecosystem that is sustainable, fairer, transparent, and accessible for both artists and their fans.


Terralis proposes to use Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to democratize investments in fields and farms in the core zone of the Argentine Republic, reducing the classic entry barriers -due to budgetary restrictions characteristics of Agribusiness.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting Marketplace is the first platform in Latin America promoted by the public sector (Ministry of Public Services of the Province of Córdoba), which aims to offset the CO2 emissions produced by contractor companies in the Province of Córdoba

K-Sports Fantasy

Ksport Fantasy allows you to put yourself in the shoes of a soccer manager. The platform has its own currency, with which you can acquire (in trading card mode) players, tactics, and game styles and unlock new features. The performance of the athlete’s last real-life matches will influence the footballers’ performance in Fantasy. In addition, users can test their skills in different game modes.


LT Exchange is a tokenized ecosystem in the field of real estate. It follows the concept of a “Smart Villages” having its own cryptocurrency and an exchange platform where users can trade LTtokens for other criptos o fiat currency.