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At Tokenize-it, we help all sorts of businesses to succeed in this fast-growing decentralized economy.

“Trust is an imperfect substitute for information. We are convinced that DLTs will be a key infrastructure for the Internet, and we firmly believe that tokens, when properly designed, with legal, financial and technological rigour, can be a crucial element in many organizations and sectors, empowering users who can now be recognized as creators and also owners of their information”

Sebastián Heredia Querro CEO

Our areas of expertise

We design, implement and deploy end-to-end blockchain solutions that maximize the probability of success for your business through web3 smart contracts and cryptographic wallets for tokens. Our team works in cloud-native solutions and has experience in all majors ERC token protocols.

Latest web 3 projects


Blockchain-leveraged real estate ecosystem


The first polo horse-backed token & its tokenized ecosystem


Proposes to relocate the artists and their value chain at the center of the business


Terralis proposes to use DLT’s to democratize investments in fields

We offer boutique services of analysis, evaluation, design, development, and audit of ecosystems and business models leveraged by distributed ledger technologies (DLTs).

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If you are considering progressing towards new technologies and think we might be helpful on that journey, don’t hesitate to get in touch.