Our Approach

We go through a 4-step process to successfully run any project.

Step 1: Discovery

In this first step, we will diagnose the application of blockchain solutions to your specific business unit. This discovery phase will start with in-depth research about that market, similar former projects on Web3, and why those projects may have failed. Then, our team of experts will work to identify potential opportunities at this juncture.

Step 2: Assessment

Working side by side with the client, we will analyze and evaluate the essential aspects of the project. To do so, we will contemplate all the data gathered during the discovery phase, such as their target market key points and former cases. In addition, we will address regulatory frameworks, legal instruments, effective monetization methods, and risk assessment.

Step 3: Design

Based on the assessment, we will devise and model the optimal solution following our LegalFinTech working methodology, with the compliance, auditing, and IT security aspects in mind. We will then provide a detailed report with the design and architecture of the solution and specific instruments, such as smart contracts and wallets. Finally, we provide guidelines to successfully implement the strategy and suggestions for potential strategic partners and investors for your project.

Step 4: Implementation

This step will include developing the software and drafting necessary legal instruments, such as terms and conditions and simple agreements for future tokens. In addition, we offer different ongoing Legal-Fin counselling options for implementing an accurate strategy in terms of advisors, auditors, one-stop-shop, etc. We have total support for the solution’s technical development.


Cloud DevOps

If you want to leverage your infrastructure management, monitoring or migration, we can help you with our DevOps services. From a lift and shift strategy to a complex re-architecture, we have the resources and the expertise for a soft landing on the cloud.

App or Software Development

If you have an idea or a business case, as your technical partner, we can help you to achieve your goals. Our wide expertise in different projects allows us to choose the right technology for you. We mainly focus on scalability, reliability and costs, keeping in mind the time to market the final product for your success. We are here to take that challenge if you need a PoC, an MVP or a complete solution.

Tokenize-it is our special sub-brand created to carry out Web3 projects. Our team has the experience needed to articulate the legal, financial and technical knowledge required to deploy a decentralized network, integrating proper practices for your business.

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Data Engineering and Machine Learning

Nowadays, data is considered the new gold. It is as important to collect the data as it is to load and transform it, providing real insights into your business. Our data team can create custom ETL pipelines for you and set up a structured database to answer your queries. We are also ready to train and deploy Machine Learning models to find new meanings for them based on the specificity of your business. We can assess your business and design the right architecture to maximize the value of your data.

If you are considering progressing towards new technologies and think we might be helpful on that journey, don’t hesitate to get in touch.