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Ingeniería Global visited our blockchain Labs in Córdoba

We are excited to share more details about the visit of Ingeniería Global to our offices in Cordoba Capital and the interview they conducted our blockchain laboratory called Tokenize-IT. Ingeniería Global is a program that gives us the opportunity to meet valuable individuals who, through their work and dedication, are driving the world towards a better future. During the interview, our CTO, Jorge, shared his

Web3 and the Wine Industry: Sustainable Solutions on Blockchain

On March 17th, 2023, Maria Milagros Santamaría, our COO for EMEA, attended the ETHPorto conference.ETHPorto, a 48-hour hackathon and conference running in parallel, hosted at Hard Club, brings Web3 to Portugal’s second-largest city for the first time. ETHPorto is a space for the local and global Web3 community to convene, learn and produce technical solutions at one of the wor

Web3 and Wine, by Corta.

Corta, the popular news platform, recently published a fascinating article about Maria Milagros Santamaría\’s recent presentation at ETHPorto. The event was attended by numerous individuals from across the technology and business sectors, and the presentation itself was nothing short of incredible.Throughout her presentation, Milagros spoke passionately about the transformative power of blockchain in the wine industry, highlighting its ability to revolutionize everything fro

Token economy. Real estate and digital assets of the 21st century

On March 13th, our esteemed Co-CEO, Sebastián Heredia Querro, led an insightful and thought-provoking discussion at Austral University, exploring the intersection between token economy, real estate, and digital assets.The masterclass was an incredible opportunity to delve deep into this complex and highly-relevant topic, and Mr. Querro\’s expertise and passion shone through in every moment. Participants were treated to a compr

Proof of Stake, Decentralized Governance and Flash Attacks

The famous premise of “Code is Law,” along with many of those who acclaim it, falls apart when we remember that human nature is both clumsy and often malicious.Code is created by programmers who, being human, can make mistakes. If there is one thing that TheDAO¹ left us with as a moral, among many other things, it is that those errors or “bugs” can be very costly for the community and the whole industry.As we said, in addition to being clumsy, it can be malicious. The mischievou