Our Culture

We are aligned, we all row in the same direction, and, together, we achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

There are many IT companies, but we are different from the rest. Our main goal is to maintain a competitive team, always eager to learn and evaluate new technologies, financial models and legal solutions. We are always prepared and at the forefront to help the client’s needs.


Our mission is to provide legal, financial and technological services to make the idea a reality.

We are early adopters of new technologies; we provide one-stop-shop legal and financial consulting services applied to innovation ecosystems to evaluate, design and build end-to-end solutions, speeding up your company’s digital transformation.


[Our vision is] to position Wootic as the leading provider of cutting-edge technologies while maintaining our uncompromising principles.

Our values

The company’s true values are reflected in the members of our team. So, below, we explain the most important ones.

We are committed to excellence in how we accompany our clients and develop new technologies and legalfintech solutions

CollaborativeOpen to feedback

We strongly believe in teamwork. We are proactive and passionate team players, constantly investing in our relationships.

EnergyDon't give up

Better slow than fast. Approach and share ideas, always proactive and giving feedback.

Development and growthGrow and expand is our motto

Thinking big is what motivates us. So we promote the opportunities for our business to continue growing.

If you are considering progressing towards new technologies and think we might be helpful on that journey, don’t hesitate to get in touch.